Sunday, September 9, 2012


I am joining Beth's  You Capture with this post.  This week's theme is Green.  Initially, I wanted to take photos of buildings with green in them, a green house, a green roof, a green dome.  Yet somehow,  I found myself forgetting about my assignment and remember to take pictures only when I was already passing by the subject (while on a moving vehicle).  I did try to take some pictures, with funny results.  

I was hesitant to submit photos of my plants and foliage but I really really wanted to join the prompt.  So this afternoon, while the sun was setting, I took pictures of plants around the house.  The sun lent a magical light to the photos. 
This must be a morning glory vine.  Now that I cannot take care of the garden so much, the wild morning glory vines are everywhere. 

I wonder what this plant is.  It is growing on the fence  in the far end of our backyard.   I tolerate the plant as long as it does not overwhelm the yard.

These are asparagus needles.  They completed their second season this year.  I guess, I can now expect a  'bountiful' asparagus harvest next spring.  I hope the asparagus thrive well  in the conditions that the plants are in.

Ah, these are sphagnum moss.  They make the ground soft under my feet and I love walking on them.  Now I just read that sphagnum moss may be useful for cleaning the water.  Instead of using chlorine, sphagnum moss may be used instead.  I guess I need to read on this some more. 

This is a picture of my poor collard green. I love collard greens so I planted some last year and this year.  We are in the northeast.  When are collard greens harvested?  I heard that they need to be harvested during the cold season so that the leaves will not be too bitter.  But the leaves turn yellow in the meantime.  What do I do?  

Rosemary!  Normally, Rosemary is not a perennial in the Northeast.  The snow always kills the plant.  But last year, owing to the mild winter, this rosemary plant survived.  So now, I have a rather lush plant.  I will harvest the leaves soon and freeze them for future use.

Golden Raspberry.  This is one of our best plant buys last years.  Raspberries, I found out, are quite prolific.  They not only multiply fast, but they also yield fruit from late spring until fall. 

Thyme.  It is a perennial in our place. It spreads quite well too.  It does not even die out during the winter.

Parsley.  This is the first time I planted parsley.  The aroma of  newly snipped parsley is so wonderful - lemony and fresh.  I will harvest these leaves and freeze them for future use too. 

Simple Woman's Daybook, a place I used to visit and participate in until life got a little too busy for me also has a spin-off link-up place too.  It is called The Simple Woman's Kitchen and Garden.  I think that my herbs should qualify my post to the group so I will go there too.  :-) 

Please visit Photobucket  and THE SIMPLE WOMAN for more lovely entries. 

God bless you.



  1. Your garden looks wonderful! I love all the great details you got with your close-ups!

  2. Thank you very much, Lisa-Marie - for your comments and visit both. :-)