Sunday, February 12, 2012


And now, I am heading over to Peggy's Simple Woman's Daybook. :-)


 Outside my window... the sky is oh-so-blue and the weather is oh-so-cold. Winter is catching up, it seems, but without its usual snow.

 I am thinking...about love and St. Valentine's Day and our anniversary and of how God has been so good to my husband and me. :-)

 I am thankful...for this restful Sunday.

 In the kitchen...a big pot of chicken stew is well, stewing. It is called Colonial Chicken Stew and I found the recipe in my in-laws collection of recipes. I am trying it for the first time - and ...... I'll reserve my judgment after I have eaten it.

 I am usual house attire - sweatpants, sweater, shirt. No glamour at all. :-)

 I am creating...still the crocheted table cloth that I started five years ago.

 I am Mass late this afternoon.

 I am reading...when I get the chance, Christ in the Home by Raoul Plus, S.J.

This picture was grabbed from Amazon

 This picture was grabbed from Amazon This is a great parenting book. It covers advice for remaining in-love; being husband and wife, respectively; raising children, among other things.

 I am hoping...that my baby will not cry too much when my husband and I go out to celebrate our anniversary. It will be the first time for him to be left behind since he was born. I am nervous but I forgot that I have a baby when I agreed to my husband's plans. I was thinking of last year when he was still in my belly and my husband and I were able to have our date. Oh silly me!

 I am looking forward to...our 8th Anniversary on the 17th. My husband planned a treat for me. I am to be a better writer. Yey!

 Around the is after lunch and the dinner plates are stacked in the sink. Voices chattering on the phone fill the house.

 I am head is too full of things I want to write about that I have not much time for deeper thoughts. :-) On the other hand, I have been thinking much about love lately - since St. Valentine's Day is just around the corner.

 A favorite quote for today...lifted from Christ in the Home and attributed to Madame Elizabeth, sister of Louis XVI:

"Above all, seek to please your husband...he has good qualities but he can also have some that are not so pleasing.  Make it a rule for yourself never to concentrate on these and above all never permit yourself to talk of them; you owe it to him as you owe it to yourself.  Try to look at his heart; if you truly possess it, you will always be happy.  Make his house agreeable for him; let him always find in it a woman eager to please him, busy with her duties, with her children, and you will in this way win his confidence; when you once have that, you will be able to do, with the mind heaven has given you and a bit of cleverness, anything you wish."

One of my favorite a freshly sharpened pencil. I like to do my drafts in pencil. Most often than not, I will not be using the drafts that I wrote, but at least I got to see my thoughts on paper and am able to start somewhere.

 A few plans for the rest of the week: Same as usual - keep house, take care of children, teach children. Oh, there is that special day - go out on a date with my husband. Yey!

 A peek into my day...

There are the usual dishes to wash.

They always pose a challenge that I try to ran away from.

Homeschool is more manageable with Daddy 's help.

He is not so itty-bitty anymore. 

Have a blessed Sunday!



  1. Happy Anniversary! The photo of your baby is so precious.

    I love the quote from Madam Elizabeth. I think she is correct to "never permit yourself to talk of them"(your husband's unpleasing qualities.) After all, I don't want my unpleasing qualities discussed!