Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Brussels Sprouts  are one of my favorite vegetables.  The first time I laid my eyes on these miniature cabbages, I thought they were the cutest thing I ever saw.  Unfortunately, the flavor failed me.  I guess, I was then expecting something sweet (duh!) from such a delicate thing, instead of the bitter tang that greeted my tongue.  I have since changed my opinion about Brussels Sprouts though.  Now, they are a semi-staple in our home.

I usually boil then butter the Brussels Sprouts.  I do not have much time for more elaborate preparations.    Recently, I became a little more adventurous and, following some online recipes, tried broiling them.  They  turned out delicious.  Tonight, I stepped further  away from the usual - I cooked the vegetables with bacon and walnuts.  I  got the recipe from a bloggy friend's page  and it can be found here.

Here are some photos, showing different cooking,  to convince you how yummy this is. :-)

Thank you and God bless you. :-)