Sunday, March 25, 2012


One spring day, I saw little green leaves sprouting from the ground.  Since I did not know what they might be, I waited for them to mature and show the kind of plant that they were.  It did not take long for this plant to reach its mature height - it was a short one, no taller than 8 inches.  The plant also had a stalk (if one can call its flowering part that) for flowers.  Soon, the buds bloomed and showed these purple starlike beauties.  I learned later that they were hyacinths.  I was glad that I did not uproot the plant when it appeared.  

I am thinking of moving it in a more suitable spot.  Right now, it is near the water faucet where they get stepped on, especially by  kids at play, or mowed down by the water hose.  I will be glad to see the plant multiply and thrive really well.

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